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GBAC Anime Dictionary/Terms:

Anime Music Videos: Fans will use different anime footage and put it to music or audio. Some are serious and some funny(favorite) but there are tons out there. AKA: AMV

Anime: Refers to almost all forms of animation that comes from Japan. They are very different from US cartoons because they not only have more details and better stories(usually) they have anime titles that cover all genres. There are many different forms anime is released in. There are movies(usually 1-4 parts), OVAs(usually 2-6 parts), and series(usually 24-26 eps). Although if you were talking to a japanese person anime would mean any form of animation not excluding animation from outside of Japan. AKA: Japanimation or Japanese Animation.

Baka: The Japanese word for idiot or fool.

BGM: Background music.

Chibi: Used to describe small characters(mainly children) but they are not always SD characters or human characters. EX: Rini from Sailormoon.

Con: Short for convention. Many anime fans use this to describe anime conventions.

Cosplay: Short for Costume Play. This is where anime fans dress up as a character(s) from an anime. This is more popular at cons where most of the time the "cosplayers" will act out skits from animes or do original ones.

Dubs: Refers to dubbed anime(english dialog). Most new anime fans like this because they don't know the benefits of subs or they are not use to reading subs. Some people just like the humor sometimes put in dubs or the voice actors/actresses. They are not bad in anyway when done by good companies but some US companies rewrite scripts that may hurt some animes(ex. Digimon).

DVD: The best form of buyng anime right now! High quality, usually has tons of extras, with both sub and dub on it. On it's way of killin VHS.

Ecchi: Another Japanese word for perverted, but its not necessarily a really bad thing to be called Ecchi ... though if someone calls you Hentai .. tsk tsk.. shame on you ;P

Fanboys: Refers to male anime fans.

Fanfics: Short for fan fiction. Used to describes fictional stories done by fans with anime characters. Fans use them to describe scenes that they want to happen. They sometimes have characters from different series together. They can be anything like fighting, romance, comedy, and more. There are almost limitless posibilities and a huge fan base. From my experience these are more popular with fangirls.

Fangirls: Refered to female anime fans.

Fan Service: Usually refers to things done for fans in animes. Mainly used for male fans like panty shots, shower/bath scenes, and more that have nothing to do with the story line. Not all fanservice has nudity some can be as simple as a small bikini or short skirt.

Fansubs: It usually takes 1-4 years for US companies to release anime titles over here(some never come out). Some anime fans get a copy of the anime in its raw format(japanese only) and they translate it and put their own subtitles on it. Then they release them online so anime fans don't have to wait years or so they can see anime that will never come out. Most fansubs will stop being made/distrubited when the US compaines pick them up to prevent hurting US sales then people just have to wait for the US companies to finish them. Mainly released in AVI format in near DVD quality.

Hentai: Japanese word for pervert(harsher meaning) but mainly used to describe Adult anime titles. AKA: H.

Hong Kong DVDs: Ever seen complete series or anime really cheap on DVD with subs only in a japanese box? Well in some Asian countires(mainly Hong Kong) they will take anime in Japan and copy anime series to fewer DVDs and sell them really cheap. They will only be japanese dialog with english subtitles(chinese sometimes too). They also do a really good job on the dvd cases(almost always better then the US cases). One problem is they might have badly translated subtitles depending on who does it. The only problem is this ,they are bootlegs and some may hurt US anime releases but have sometimes been know to help. Also if you do decide to buy one of these because the series is not available in the US just remember you get what you pay for.

Laser Discs: Record sized CDs that have a quality higher then VHS but less then DVD. They were used as a new format that was semi popular but never really caught on. They were mainly used in the pre 90's. Some can still be found at some conventions but the players are hard to find. AKA: LD

Manga: Japanese comic books. These are different then american comics because they usually have more story and better character designs. They are also done in black and white mainly because they can show more details in B&W. Most animes are based on Mangas but some Mangas are based off animes. There are TONS of Manga titles out and they are still in production. Sometimes Manga titles can have a seprate story line then the anime version or continue where the anime left off. The sizes are usually go from pocket size to adverage book size.

Mecha: Used to describe large robots usually ones people can get in. Becareful when using mecha because some things may look like mechs but are not like the Evangelion units(watch it to understand). EX: Patlabor or Gundams

Otaku: Hardcore anime fans. Otaku usually have seen a ton of anime, collect anime related stuff, and make anime a huge part of their life. (I am not addicted I can quit anytime I want... just not today) ^_^

OVA: Original Video Animation. Usually OVAs are animes that are 2-6 volumes. They can be before, after, or alternate universe to a series. Some titles are only released in OVA format and then if they do well they are made in to a series. AKA: OAV(Original Animation Video).

Pocky: Japanese chocolate covered cracker like sticks. They are a popular snack in Japan and featured in many animes. Pocky comes in many differnet flavors(chocolate, strawberry, and more). We sell them at out meetings so pick up a box and give it a try.

Ramune: Japanese soda that tastes kind of like sprite but is still different(better). The main thing about it is there is a marble stoper in the bottle and when you open it the marble falls down and sits in the middle of the bottle. Ramune is also featured in some animes and is a popular novility drink in Japan. We sell these at our meetings so pick up a bottle... but they sell fast.

SD: Short for Super Deformed. SD is when anime character are drawn smaller with exagerated features used for comedy. They kind of look like kids.

Seig Zeon: What the Zeon forces says in Gundam. (I say this a lot becasue the bad guys are cool!) Down with fedies! SEIG ZEON!!!! XD (((--- <(-.-)v (Die Zeon Scum! -comment added by Webmaster)

Shoujo: Anime and Manga style of artwork and story created for girls. The story line usually focuses on romance and relationships. The male characters are usually effeminite and characters are lanky. EX: Saliormoon

Subs: Refers to subtitled anime. Most anime fans like subs becasue the translations are better and more original to the japanese dialoge.

VCD: Pre DVD form of anime. They were on normal cds in MPG format that have the ability to play in computers and most DVD players. I heard it was mainly used in Asian countires.

VHS: Video tapes. The main form of anime before DVDs. The anime was sub or dub not both.