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Welcome to the Great Bridge Anime Club's home on the web.
for more information check out the information page.

In no particular order the Fbi's Most ... err I mean the members of the Great Bridge Anime Club ^_^'.

Justin McCormick - GBAC President
David Oehrli - GBAC Fansub Librarian/Webmaster
Naomi - Club Mascot Artist

David (?) (email Babylonthe.......)
Shayne Babb
Micheal Barnett
Catie Boardman
Vicky Boardman
Melissa Brockman
Amanda Burdzy
Ricky Butler
Ashley Camarato
John Cayetano
Nathannael Combs
Horace Crottond
Wes Davis
Miranda Dombrowski aka Seiryuu
Eric Dorn
Kat Dorn
Carmel Doyle
Joe Edwards
Sam Eller
Selene Eller
Michael Estep
Dena Ewell
Christopher Ganse (flea)
James G.
Amanda Gooch
Kelly Goodwin
Mark Gordon
Paige Hall
John Hill
Faith Howell
Trevor Johnson
Joshua Klein
Mason Lakeski
Jerry Landry
Denisse Lane
Taryn Lindsay
Kay Lucas
Nate Mallory
Will Manus
Don McIntire
Anthony Meier
Nicole Ordway
C. Owen (email MMMONXIDEE....)
Kathy Rahuba aka Byakko
Alan Rideout
Donna Rideout
Stephanie S.
David Salek
Amanda Skinner
Sean Slater
Eric Streeter aka Weasel
Anna Terrell
Eiline Tolentino
Robert Tolentino
Mike Tolentino
Lynn Tomcany
Jason Tyreman
Katie Verhofstadt
Melissa Walski
Cody Webster
Elizabeth Weir
Robert M. West
Dee Wren
Allyson Wolf

I know there are bound to be spelling mistakes .. please send me an e-mail if your not on the list or I need to correct the way your name is spelled .. or if you're missing a last name. (Send the E-mail to the webmaster on the contacts page).

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