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Interested in joining the Great Bridge Anime Club(GBAC)?

I will list a few questions below that you may ask about membership in the club. If you can think of anything else I can add or if you have a question send me an e-mail(

Q: Can I come to one of your meetings?
A: Sure new members are always welcome!

Q:Can I bring a friend?
A: Feel free to bring friends, the more the better.

Q: I am new to anime. Will I fit in?
A: YES! There are a plenty of people that are new to anime in the club and I will do my best to help you understand and enjoy anime. We mainly show subtitled anime but we do show some dubbed too. We have many different titles and types of anime so you can pick something you like. I try to expose members to many different anime types but there are more than I will ever have time for but I will try my best with help from the members of the club.

Q: What is the age group of members?
A: Well when we started the members were mainly high school age because that is where I started the club. Now because of expansion we have a wide range of members from teens 30+. We now limit the club's min age to 14.

Q: How many members are in the club and are there more guys or girls?
A: We have over 60 members, about 35-60 per meeting(100 on mailing list) and we're growing every meeting. Actually unlike most anime clubs GBAC has about equal number of male and female members.

Q: How much is membership?
A: FREE!!!!!!! We sell Japanese snacks(pocky, ramune, and more) and we use the money for free snacks, sodas, and other needed materials. If you want to help support the club buy some of the yummy snacks.

Q: What do you do at your meetings?
A: We do as much as we can and often we run out of time even though we have 4-6 hours.We watch anime, play video games(including DDR), computer lan, art related things, and more. We are always looking for more thing to do and are open to new ideas.

Q: When and where are the meetings?
A: We have the meetings at the Chesapeake Central Public Library in the meeting rooms. The meeting dates are announced by the mailing list(e-mail me to be added) and are normally on Saturdays from 11am or 12pm until the library closes at 5pm.

Q: I don't live in Great Bridge. Can I still come to your club meetings?
A: Yes! You don't have to live in Great Bridge to attend. We are open to everyone and have people that come from as far as a state away.

Q: Should I bring anything?
A: The best thing to do is to ask me because it depends on what we are doing. We can always use extra TVs, dance pads, and game systems.

Q: Can I bring food?
A: Yes if you want to bring food for yourself or the members that is fine. We order pizza($1 a slice) at the meeting and have some free chips and soda. If you bring food for everyone that would help alot.

Q: Does the club do non-anime related stuff?
A: We are trying to do more things non anime related things but we have only done stuff like go out to movies. I plan to do more things like go out to eat and special events.

Q: How can I help out?
A: I am always looking for extra help. The more the members do the better the meetings are. Ask me before meetings but we can always use help cleaning up, setup, extra supplies(TV, games, etc.), and ideas for meetings. If you have any special way you can help tell me. Plus things always come up at the meetings so just ask me then too.

last but not least... WELCOME TO THE CLUB!