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Last Updated: 3/17/03

These rules will be available to everyone at anytime they just need to ask. They will go through updates over time to adjust for members and events. The responces to the rules being broken will be decided after all details are reviewed. Members that chose not to follow the rules will be asked to leave the club. Rules are in no specific order. The only person that may change or update the rules is the club president or with his approval in writing. If any rules are broken they must be reported. By attending the club meeting you agree to follow all of the rules. If you think anything should be added or revised e-mail

Mailing list Rules:

1. No insulting or hurting other members in anyway.
2. Don't start things you know will end negatively or start flame wars.
3. NO FORWARDS! This is one of the most important.
4. No bad language.
5. Please include the original message or part of it when sending a reply to a message.
6. Keep all content in messages related to the club and anime.
7. No spam!
8. Combine e-mails. If you are sending or replying to more than 2 e-mails combine them in to one.
9. Have a subject that reflects what the e-mail is about , change the subject if the e-mail changes.
10. No racist or sexual references.
11. Don't make any anouncements without approval if it involves the club.
12. Don't spread rumors.
13. Make sure if you are sending an e-mail to 2 or less people that it only goes to them not the entire club. Ex: If sending an e-mail to Justin find his e-mail and send it only to him.
14. Don't any send files without approval.

Meeting Rules:

1. No bad language, sexual references, or race insults.
2. Don't hurt anyone verbally, mentally, or phisically.
3. Don't make noise or talk during films or during announcements.
4. No one under 14 will be permitted unless preapproved. Meet with Justin. Members 15 or under will need a permission slip signed to see films if it is not suggested for their age.
5. Theft has never been a problem but lets keep it that way.
6. Share! If playing games or something make sure to be aware of other around you and let them play.
7. Don't touch computers, game systems, or other peoples things without asking first.
8. Help others that may need help or direct them to a person that can.
9. You must clean up any and all messes you make.
10. You are responsible for anything you bring in, so it is up to you to watch it.
11. The club is not responsible for lost or broken things.
12. Respect other peoples stuff.
13. Ask before switching games or showing something if the system or show is not yours.
14. Don't make any announcements without approval if it involves the club.
15. Don't spread rumors.
16. Don't drink or eat near art, game systems, computers or other electronics.

Suggestions and other stuff:

1. Please sign in at meetings so we know who showed up and how many people we get, so we can plan things for future meetings.
2. We are here to have fun but don't go crazy on the horseplay.
3. Don't yell or talk so loud that it may cause a distraction.
4. Report any major problems and I'll try to fix them. Don't try to fix them yourself!
5. Ask for any new rules that may have been added when you show up to a meeting.
6. If you have any suggestions or questions always feel free to ask.
7. Bring extra money or snacks you may not always like what we have or you may want something we have for sale.
8. Use common sense and don't do anything that would get you in trouble.
9. If you need to look up an e-mail for a member in the mailing list go to Old posts may also be found there.