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Alright folks heres how you get to our IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Room.

1.) Download mIRC from here
2.) Install mIRC. The program is free but wants to be registered ... if you have the money and like the program feel free to do so .. if you don't, don't worry about it the program will work fine .. it will occasionally pop you off to the website to register when you first start it but thats it.
3.) Start mIRC. An options menu will pop-up that looks like

Yours will be set with the defaults of course. All you have to do is enter your Nickname and Alternative nickname in this window. Then simply from the 2nd pull down menu pull down till you find Aniverse: Random Server like mine and then simply hit 'connect to IRc server'
4.) You'll get a bunch of jibber jabber about connecting to the server and then the rules of the server will pop up and then a Join Channel option will pop up that looks like

Now alls you do is type #GBAC and hit Join and your in! Just to note your version of Mirc will probably have a bunch of default channel options to join .. feel free to delete them or leave them. And you can uncheck the 'pop up folder on connect' if you wish to ... if you do that next time you connect just type /join #GBAC to join us in the chat channel =D
5.) Go do this now! ^_^