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Well heres an update on what happened with us at FantaSci Mini-Con at the GB Library.

We weren't there yet ^_^'

We got there bright and early at about 8:30 AM to be informed that we didn't have main programing till about 11:30 AM. So we went ahead and set up our section in the other meeting room. We had a our Japanese Snack food up and for sale along with VHS tapes and DVDs our members brought in to sell. To promote what our members were selling we had a TV playing the tapes that were for sale.

But to our surprise we were given another room to run. The Childrens activity center became a gaming room and anime showing room. We had about 3 tables in there set up for card type games and we also had a PS2 and Dreamcast set up on a TV. We also had a computer in there eventually to game on. And then we had a computer in there for Anime showings. And a video check turned into a premiere of the Di Gi Charat Movie. By the time all this was done it was time to go to main programing for our Anime Showings. So we left "Invader Zim" playing in the Activity room if anyone came by ^_^'.

Well time for our slot in Main Programing came and was a highly watched event. When we first got in the room the room had about every seat filled of about 50 seats available. Well we started off with a little introduction from the Club's President Justin McCormick. Then we drived right into the Anime showings with the first episode of 'Samurai Deeper Kyo'. Which I believe was our most successful showing of the event. After SDK ended we went with a major change of pace and put up the first ep of 'Kodomo no Ochomo/Child's Toy' for our audience we lost some ppl but the room was still pretty full. And then for the final showing we showed 'Witch Hunter Robin' which our audience there just didn't get in to .. don't get me wrong WHR is a great show but it may have been too serious for some of the first timers in the audience.

Well after that the day pretty much was those of us running the rooms running back and forth between our section of tables and the Childrens Activity Room. Also eating the pizzas that we as a club ordered ^_^. Although the costuming contest judging went on towards the end of the event. Where one of our members got 3rd Place in the Cotuming contest. And a guest who had come to check out what our club was doing was Cosplaying as Yuna from FFX got 2nd Place. While 1 of the Klingons took First Place ^_^' ... the audience didn't want to die so it was fairly obvious he was going to win .. who the heck wants to have a big angry Klingon coming over to pound some sense into us.

Sunday We got there around 12:30 PM and clean up our areas we had left most of our stuff there so it wasn't too hard to setup and get the stuff ready for the public. We didn't have any slot in main programing for Sunday so most of our attention went to the Childrens Activity Center since it was ours to show Anime in ^_^.

As soon as we got an Announcement made we started off with showing 'Samurai Deeper Kyo' episode 2 since it was such a big hit the day before. After SDK we put in the first episodes of 'Azumanga Daioh'. Then we showed Ep 2 of 'Abenobashi Mahou Shotengai/Abenobashi Magical Shopping District' ... we decided to show Ep 2 since ep 1 is slower paced and we wanted to keep our audience entertained.

After that we took a short break because of time constraints the previous day we had intended to show the Di Gi Charat Movie in our slot at main programming, so we got the Library to Announce our showing of the Movie. After we started getting ppl into the room and the room settled a bit we showed the movie. We lost some audience members I believe because ppl hadn't know what to expect coming in and were put off either by the sheer wierdness of Di Gi Charat or the fact that the anime was subtitled. But our club members who were there stayed and watched the movie.

After the movie things basically dropped dead ... so we went ahead and started packing up our stuff about 15 minutes after the movie was over. Though we left the main table running while we were packing up the PC's and consoles. To be honest Sunday was a slow day for the whole Mini-Con since the Klingon group who had been there before wasn't in attendence due to the distance they were from and prior commitments to another con. Though the Comic book dealers that were there were the last to leave I'm sure since they were still there by the time we got out of there. The Art Contest was judged Sunday where one of our members won 2nd place in the drawing contest and 1st place went to our member who did a ceramic sculpture of a Blue and Red Dragon fighting entitled "Fire and Ice". That's about all that happened during our part in this mini-con till next time this is the Clubs Fansub Librarian signing out.

October 26th, 2002 9-5 PM
Chesepeake Central Public Library

WOOOO HOOOO! Get ready folks for our next meeting the weekend before Halloween MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *cough* sorry bout that folks got a lil bit too much into the mood ^_^'. Be prepared to see the club go out in a Halloween themed display of crazy otakus! We have a bunch of plans this meeting hopefully they'll all work out fine ^_^'. The Library is officially sponsoring this event from 9AM - 2PM so while we'll be showing halloweened themed anime we won't be showing some of the higher rated stuff untill after the official sponsorship ends. But don't fret to come in at the start of the meeting ^_^'.

Heres some of the things Planned!

  • Karaoke (tentative planning)
  • Costume Contest
  • Pumkin Carving (Maybe some Anime Themed)
  • Mascot Contest (how long will this go on ^_-)
  • Art Contest (3 Levels)
  • Of course Halloween Themed Anime
  • LAN Gaming (we only have 1 hub if your interested and have a hub please email the club president)
  • Console Gaming (we need TVs the Library only has 1 email the club president if you can bring one)
  • Kids Section
  • Photo Section
  • Art Section
  • Comic Book shop selling Anime Merchandise (possible)
  • Japanese Snackfood for Sale
  • Halloween Decorations

Next heres a layout of the Library we have both Meeting Rooms .. usually we stick it out in Meeting room 2 but if we fill that room and the other is available the Library is usually kind enough to give us use of Meeting Room 1.

Note we did have meetings between these times I just didn't manage to write a review for them while things were still fresh in my mind XD

gomen nasai m(_ _)m

March 22nd , 2003 11-5

Wow we had a super turnout last meeting ^_^. I of course was running the Video room right from the start showing some AMVs till more ppl got there. Then I showed SD Gundam MK I to start things off. Then eventualy showed ep 1 of Magical Nyan Nyan Taruto , Getbackers ep 2 , Siawase Appartments Okojo-san ep 1 and 2 , Wolf's Rain ep 1 , Someday's Dreamer ep 1 , Argento Soma eps 1 and 2 (Bandai provided DVD). And thats basically all there was time to show this meeting.

Over in the other room it was controlled chaos with around 10 game systems up and running playing various games. Eventually with about 3 or 4 Xboxs there was a constant session of Halo going on. And 1 TV had the home version of Para Para Paradise. Over on the other side of that room there were an almost equal number of computers LAN'd together with ppl having fun fragging each other and some of the ppl with better computers were playing Command and Conquer Generals. There were also a couple of tables set up for ppl who needed to sit down and chill could , and a table with some artwork displayed.

In the Hallway there were a couple of tables set up with huge sheets of white paper for ppl to draw on. Near the entrance to the library was a sign in sheet and Liability form.

Overall it was a very good meeting and hopefully we'll have one much sooner than last time.

Thanks to everyone who showed up especially the new ppl ,the ppl who got there a lil bit earlier than even me and Justin and started setting up , the ppl who actually helped break down, and those members who managed the Japanese snack table.